Mitchell County Ag Update

Max DeMott, Mitchell County Extension Coordinator, provided information to the Georgia Peanut Tour attendees regarding agriculture production in Mitchell County.  There were a total of 32,098 acres planted this year and seventy-seven percent of the peanuts are irrigated, with twenty-three percent being dryland. Concerning the estimated peanut production in tons for the county, he says that county averages around 4,000-4,500 lbs. This year will be much higher. Some dryland fields have already been harvested at 4,500 lbs. The major crops in Mitchell County include cotton, peanuts, field corn, pecans, sweet corn (in order of acres planted).  Insects and disease have been some of the most troublesome production issues for area farmers this year. However, DeMott says that so far the peanut crop in the county looks excellent.

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