The Value in a Peanut Crop

Georgia Peanut Tour attendees began Thursday morning at SunSouth in Donalsonville, Georgia. SunSouth, LLC formed in June 2006. Joining forces with several local tractor cornerstones, SunSouth began with 11 stores, and by 2016 grew to 21 locations in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. The SunSouth team prides itself on integrity, quality, commitment and innovation.

SunSouth representative, Russ Worsley, shows tour attendees a KMC digger.

During the stop, SunSouth employees discussed the different types of equipment farmers use to produce a crop of peanuts and the investment it requires. From John Deere tractors to peanut planting and harvesting equipment, as well as equipment to spray the crop when necessary, SunSouth offered tour attendees a chance to understand the cost associated with farming.

Tour attendees learn about the investment of an Amadas combine.

John Deere tractors are on display for tour attendees.











Below is a list of some of the equipment discussed and the estimated cost associated with each:

To put it into perspective, a farmer’s peanut yield would have to be near 4,500lbs per acre to breakeven at $535/ton.

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