Colquitt County Ag Update

While at Sunbelt this morning, peanut tour attendees were able to hear a crop update on Colquitt County from Dr. John Beasley and Colquitt County extension agent, Matt Roberts. Below is an outline of the update from Roberts.

  • Overall crop condition is good to very good, even after a rough start with cool conditions at planting, early Thrips pressure, and wet growing season. Things could certainly be worse right now.
  • We have seen a huge acreage drop this year as we should have….went from probably an all time high or close to it of nearly 23000 to just a little more than 15000 about where we usually are. This was around 35% decease in acreage and still below the state average.
  • Not sure on the price situation but i don’t foresee yield being anywhere close to last year’s numbers.
  • We have run alot of maturity samples in the past week. Late April and very early May planted peanuts are running about 145 to 150 days. Later planted peanuts are running around 140 days. Looks like the crop is going to be ready all about the same time.
  • There will be a good many dug in the next week or so.
  • We have had a few growers dig and harvest. Grades have been in the low to mid 70s.
  • Diseases have not been all that terrible this year. TSWV has maybe been a little worse than the past few years, especially on larger plants. Leaf spot and white mold have ramped up in the past weeks. If growers were more than two weeks from digging according to the profile board and a week or two from their last fungicide spray, we have recommended another application to get them through to harvest.

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