Sumter County Ag Update

Sumter County Extension Coordinator, Bill Starr, updated the Georgia Peanut Tour group on the peanut crop in Sumter County. Farmers in Sumter County planted 10,000 acres of peanuts this year and they have faced many challenges including the heat and drought. The big question this year that is still up in the air is the expected yield for peanuts. Starr says that some of the irrigated peanuts look good but the dryland peanuts are all over the board and he expects the yield to be lower than last year. Most of the peanuts in Sumter County are grown on twin rows. Approximately 70 percent of peanuts planted are irrigated and 30 percent are dryland. Other crops grown in Sumter County are cotton, soybeans, vegetables, and turf. Sumter County also grows more snapbeans than any other county in Georgia. Watch the video below of Bill Starr to learn more about agriculture in Sumter County.

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