How is Peanut Oil made?

Golden Peanut Company Oil Mill in Dawson, Ga.

The Georgia Peanut Tour visited the largest employer in Dawson, Ga. – the Golden Peanut Company Oil Mill.  The oil mill operation began in 2007. The plant in Dawson, Ga., is 100 percent peanut oil and the largest customers are Ventura Foods (LouAna), Chick-fil-A and Smuckers. Peanut oil is very seasonal because of turkey frying with peanut oil so after July the plant is running at full speed. The oil mill is fully automated with three steps for making peanut oil: 1. Refining, 2: Bleaching and 3: Deodorization. The steps, RBD, are very common steps for manufacturing all oils. Refined Peanut Oil is a highly stable allergen free* and trans fat free cooking oil that has a pleasant flavor. Refined Peanut Oil is very low in saturated fats and is a popular oil for frying applications due to its high smoke point.

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