Using the Peanut Profile Board at Harvest

Attendees at the Georgia Peanut Tour were able to learn the unique way farmers determine the best time to harvest their peanuts. Farmers utilize the hull scrape method or pod blasting and the Peanut Profile Board to determine if peanuts have reached optimum maturity for harvest. Digging peanuts is one of the biggest decisions farmers make each year. The maturity of a peanut affects the yield, flavor, grade and shelf life. Farmers can lose as much as 500 to 700 pounds per acre in fields if peanuts are harvested too early or too late. During the tour several county agents set up stations to show attendees how to use the Peanut Profile Board. Jay Williams, retired University of Georgia extension engineer and developer of the profile board, explains how farmers and county agents use the profile board at harvest in this video.