Peanut Picking Time

During a stop at Glenn Heard Farms in Brinson, Georgia, Georgia Peanut Tour attendees had the opportunity to see first-hand the process of harvesting peanuts. Heard is a third-generation farmer who grows wheat, milo, corn, cotton, peanuts, sweet corn, and carrots. Heard farms right in the heart of peanut country in Decatur and Seminole counties.

Peanut harvesting is a multi-step process. Digging, which is first, is the process of removing the peanut from the ground, shaking off any excess soil, rotating the plant, and then leaving the plant in rows, allowing the peanut to release moisture before being picked from the vine once dry. Farmers must monitor the maturity of the peanut crop before commencing the important task of digging. If removed from the ground too early, the peanuts will not reach the necessary maturity to meet accepted standards for grading. To reach maturity, the peanut growing period is 140-150 days following planting.

After a few days left to dry, peanuts are ready to be picked. Peanuts are picked with a combine. The combine separates the peanuts form the vine, placing the peanuts in a hopper on the top of the machine and depositing the vines back into the field.

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Digging at Davis Farms

The first stop of the 2023 Georgia Peanut Tour was a stop at Davis Farms. Davis Farms is owned and operated by Rusty and Jerry Davis of Decatur County, Georgia. They farm cotton and peanuts and even own their own buying point right in the heart of home. They have had a love for farming since 1986, which was when the journey of Davis Farms began. The Davis brothers purchased the farm for their father and have worked side by side ever since.

This stop highlighted the use of GPS navigation, which allows the farmer to monitor what is happening behind him, all while digging peanuts. GPS navigation is the best investment for a farmer because it helps prevent digging losses by being more precise. TifNV High O/L was also featured on the Davis Farms. This variety is a nematode resistant variety, which is needed in this county where nematode issues are high.

Decatur County, Georgia is a hotspot for agriculture. Peanuts are a top commodity in the county, along with sweet corn and tomatoes. Decatur County is #2 in the state of Georgia for certified peanut acres, with a total of 33,728 acres.

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