Replant decisions for peanuts

Scott Tubbs, University of Georgia cropping systems agronomist, continues his study on peanut plant stands and replant decisions. One study is related to non-uniform skips in the row where there are poor plant stands. Tubbs is trying to assess the yield potential when farmers have low plant populations, large gaps within a row, frequency of gap and length of gap in the row. “The research trial has a variety of skips and gaps within a 40 ft. row and the different combinations gives us the ability to assess the yield potential depending on how bad of a skip gap we have with frequency and duration of uniformed plant stands in a row,” Tubbs says. Part of this research came about from a previous research project on replant decisions on peanuts. “We were reviewing a variety of scenarios in order to determine the best time to replant and the plant populations to trigger a replant and how much time could lapse without losing a lot of yield due to various maturities in the same field.”

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