gpt_logoThe thirty-second annual Georgia Peanut Tour will be held September 18-20, 2018, in Savannah, Georgia, and the surrounding area. The tour brings the latest information on peanuts while giving a first-hand view of industry infrastructure from production and handling to processing and utilization.

For more information, contact Hannah Jones at   hannah@gapeanuts.com or call at 229-386-3475.

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  1. Hi, can you send me an e-mail when the 2009 peanut tour has a fixed date? I’d like to come down for a visit if possible.



  2. I am writing some memoirs concerning my father, Frank Perkins, Sr. He worked most of his career as engineer for the Southern Cotton Oil Company, based in Atlanta, Georgia, which operated peanut shelling plants as well as cotton seed processing plants
    Do you have any information about the history of this company?
    Do you have any pictures of the machinery used for peanut processing in the 1930′s and 1940′s?
    Frank Perkins
    Melbourne, FL

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